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Workers of Our Gifts

We believe in the power of effective design and strategic marketing, but more than that we believe in the Word, and how it can impact the lives of others. When we treat every project and person with the respect and attention they deserve the results are amazingly powerful.

We strongly believe that you get what you pay for, however what you get should be the best effort of a company rather your organization is just starting out or is well established in your industry. There are no little people, no small projects. Every project deserves our best, every person our respect from our partners to our clients.

Web Development

Effective web development takes more than simply publishing a site to be viewed, it takes a strategic look at your audience, your brand, and what will work best for your business. We customize websites because your organization is unique, and your website should reflect that.

Communication Design

Pretty pictures and design makes people smile, effective design communicates a message and leads to action. We help you to build a brand and message that your target audience can distinguish from other organizations and take the designated next step towards your goals.

Video & Motion Graphics

We use story boards and team collaboration to help you to communicate a message through video production and motion graphics. We can help with staging, casting, video editing, and music. Everything you need to create a powerful marketing or promo video.

Content Strategy

Our team of experienced marketers and writers can help you communicate the same cohesive message from your online web and social media platforms to your print material. Your goals can be better accomplished if the message that's being presented focuses your target audience in the same direction.

Brand & Marketing Consults

We're experts in the services we provide. We're constantly educating ourselves to ensure that the projects that we produce and the advice we give our clients is up-to-date and relevant to produce optimal results. If you need us one time or multiple times we're here to help.

Creative Department

We are happy to complete individual projects for your company or organization, however Lionhead Agency is best used and more effective if we can create and maintain your online and offline collateral. In this way we can ensure that everything from your social media to your website stays updated and connected to your goals.

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We would love to hear about your project. Reach out to us so we can talk about your goals, we’d be honored to help.

Our office

Our headquarters are located in Hampton Roads, Virginia, but thanks to technology we can take projects all over the world.

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